5 Steps to Embrace True Transformation This Week

24 hours a day. That’s all we have to reach true transformation.

You. Me. The guy next door. All of us.

Therefore, in the moments when I sigh in regret, wishing I had time to do some of the bigger, sillier, and more important things—I should reconsider. It’s not that I don’t have time, it’s that I’ve already committed my time to other things.  The way I prioritize my 24 hours each day is the limiting factor as I chase my dreams, do things I enjoy, or pursue the calling God has placed on my life.

The Truth About Time

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The truth is: We make time for what’s most important.

That realization shines new light on the choices I make. Most days, I don’t believe I spend my time wisely. If someone were to gauge my most important activities based on the seconds that tick by as I do them, I’m sure they’d get the wrong idea.

Because television certainly isn’t important. Nor are games on my phone. While I value relaxation and I believe that entertainment should have its place, perhaps I use it to excess. If I were to add every minute I spend binge-watching a favorite television series and compare it to every minute I spent in prayer, Bible study, meditation, worship, in quality conversations with my husband, or laughing with my kids… I know how it would look. Not pretty.

And I bet I’m not alone. Perhaps you feel the same.


When “Wanting To” Isn’t Enough

We might want to make better choices with our time. But when commitments fill nearly all of the available time slots, it’s not easy to change.

We need more than a desire for things to change. We need a spark that will ignite our want into flames of willpower. What we need is a driving force that compels us to stay on track when we’d rather sink back into our comfort zone and maintain the status quo.

The One Spark You Need to Make This Your Best Year Ever

There is great news – the spark we need is something we already have!

Inside each of us is a reason behind our desire.

It’s called our WHY.

When our why is strong enough, nothing can stop our progress.

Think of it this way:  Maybe you are afraid of flying. Despite your fear, you board the airplane clinging to your why of enjoying rest, relaxation, and incredible beauty at your vacation destination.  Or maybe your why is the anticipation of snuggling with your newborn grandchild, niece, or nephew when you land in a faraway city.

Those are examples of strong whys – strong enough to propel us to do things we normally wouldn’t so that we can enjoy what we normally couldn’t.

The idea of why is simple, its power is explosive, but discovering the strong why that we each possess, well, that can take a little work. It’s often a matter of reflecting on the past to consider and recognize what most strongly motivates us.

When we consider the most meaningful moments we spend, how we feel when certain projects are finished, and the people we helped along the way, we’ve moved closer to identifying our personal why.

Keep in mind that for each different hat that we wear, each symbolizing the different roles we fulfill, we might have a different why. For example, the why behind my role as a daughter of an aging parent may look significantly different from my why in my role as a wife.  For each role, we may need to go through a separate process of transformation. Regardless, the steps to engage are similar and are easy to integrate immediately.

I invite you to consider adopting this process:

5 Simple Steps to Tap into Your Why and See True Transformation This Week:

  • Move slowly. Reflect. Consider. Pray. And determine your personal why. If you need a little help, let me recommend a great resource:

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    The e-book, It Begins with Why: Finding the Freedom to Spark True Transformation. Find it for FREE here.

  • Choose one area of focus. Sweeping changes are rarely sustainable. Use your why to help set your priorities the choose one role where you’d like to see improvement. Start there. Work hard to develop new habits and establish new routines.
  • Celebrate the small victories. One day of transforming activity is worthy of notice. Call or text a friend to share your accomplishment. And keep celebrating! When you reach five consecutive days, schedule a coffee date. After a month of consistency, invest in a new tool that will spur your motivation.
  • Carefully time the next project. Timing is essential. When you feel comfortable in your new routine, choose another area to tackle. Then start again with step one.
  • Enjoy the journey. Transformation isn’t a chore, it’s a blessing with the potential of drawing us closer to God and the calling He entrusted to us.

Remember, we have every reason for optimism—because God has a good plan for our lives and He walks with us as our Helper, Counselor, and Guide. We also have every reason to walk with confidence—because we can do all things through Christ’s strength. We are His children and have every available resource because He meets all of our needs.  Allow your why, along with the full support of Jesus Christ to serve as the spark you need to reach true transformation.








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  1. Carolyn Marie

    What a beautiful message and kind reminder! Adding a “Why” will definitely add a little “uff” to change! Thank you so much for an encouraging word!


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