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You want your business to make an impact

I get it. You dream of a business that matters, one that thrives. But customers aren't engaging with your current marketing efforts and you're unsure what to do next.

You know your products and services are great, but people don’t understand that they need them.

I'm Cathy McIntosh, StoryBrand Certified Guide. I've assembled a team of experts who can help you find a solution. We help businesses like yours clarify their message through

  • website development,
  • social media management, and
  • copywriting for content and ads
  • and much more!
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Reaching a Wider Audience is

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How we can help your digital marketing?

Small business owners are so close to their products, they struggle to explain them to potential customers. We help them create a clear, compelling message so their marketing works and brings growth to their business.

There’s nothing worse than pouring time and money into online marketing that doesn’t bring results. Our content solutions turn your browsers into buyers and increase your sales. Affinity offers social media management and content that helps you

  • connect with your potential clients in ways most people miss,
  • clearly communicate what you offer so customers click "buy now,"
  • and deliver a message that will spread like wildfire.

Our team is excited to help you invite potential customers to engage in a story. It’s a story that conveys empathy and helps them envision themselves overcoming the struggles they face.

We’ll develop a clear and compelling approach to reach a wider audience through powerful copy. Your message will invite prospects to follow you into the transformation they seek.

You offer great products and services.

We simplify your message so that you can enjoy the online marketing success you know your business deserves.

Done For You Services

Social Media Management

Let’s face it, every minute you spend writing social media posts steals time from serving your clients. We'll take on the heavy lifting to create and schedule posts on your behalf. Our targeted StoryBrand strategy will help people know, like, and trust your brand.

Starting at $850 per month.

Content Creation

If writing just isn't your thing, we're here to help. To build, grow, and scale your business, a solid content marketing strategy is essential. We'll write content that helps you rank on Google and shows potential customers how you can help them overcome the specific problems they face.

Packages start at $995.

Marketing Strategy

If you're confused about where to start, but still like the DIY approach, we offer consulting packages for social media, content planning, to full marketing strategies. We'll help you know which steps to take next and make sure your hard work pays off.

From $1,200

V.A. Services

When you need some administrative support in your business but aren't ready to hire employees, contract services are an excellent option. We offer top-notch virtual assistant services that will help you get your tasks done without pulling your focus away from what you do best.

From $60 per hour

Website Design

The foundation of your marketing success is a website that attracts visitors and converts them to buyers. We’ll build your site on Squarespace using compelling content that invites your customer into the story of their own success.

Starting at $5,000.

Email Marketing

Email marketing can feel complex, but it doesn't have to. We'll develop your email welcome series, your ongoing communication strategy (nurture series), and a robust sales series that make customers excited to purchase what you offer.

Packages start at $500

Brand Messaging

We often work with writers who are comfortable creating content but struggle to talk about their business. Brand messaging sessions are just for you. We'll walk through 7 critical elements to create a brand story and give you the tools you need to attract your ideal customer.

Starting at $550

Course Creation/Management

We'll help you organize, launch, and maintain your course or membership through systems like Teachable, Searchie, and others. Our clients find our behind-the-scenes support to be invaluable.

From $60 per hour

Lead Generators

There's a strategy involved with inviting people to opt-in and it's not offering your newsletter. We'll work with you to create & digitally publish a valuable freebie that shares value with customers and exponentially grows your email list.

Starting at $1,200 with pdf design.

Full Sales Funnels

There are 5 things most businesses wish they would have done sooner: Develop a clear message, create an elevator pitch, strengthen their website, launch a lead generator, and adopt email marketing. With a full sales funnel, we put it all together for you to spark momentum and keep it going.

Starting at $10,000

Business Coaching

Coaching helps take the mystery out of making money with your blog or online business. We'll use the proven roadmaps of StoryBrand and Business Made Simple to professionalize and propel your brand forward.

Sessions from $150

Leadpages Creation/Management

A strong sales page can make a drastic difference to your bottom line. We love Leadpages because of quick loading times, analytical reporting, and stellar conversions. We'll create and manage pages to support every step of your sales funnel.

From $300 per page

Why choose our team of experts?

Excellence. It's what we strive for and why we exist. Our commitment to excellence transcends our business and reaches into yours.

When you invite us to partner with your brand, you'll receive experience, expertise, and professionalism. We'll help you market with distinction and expand your reach.


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