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Most women wear a lot of hats and I’m no different. My hats include that of Christian Speaker, Author, and Blogger. My heart is to help women embrace the joy of the Lord, even amid jumbled lives.

Hi, I’m Cathy

One thing is certain: life is rarely simple and carefree. Like me, I know you, too, have experienced fluctuating highs and lows, exhilaration, devastation, and everything in between.

With each new disappointment, you may feel your joy slip a little further out of reach. I’ve felt it too. I don’t want you to have to live with that feeling ever again.

I spent years wondering how to embrace joy when heartbreaking trials seem to overshadow the lighthearted moments.

When life feels like a jumbled mess, you might question whether there’s a way to embrace joy as Jesus talks about in the Bible. I’ve wished, in many seasons, that I could grab hold of unshakeable joy that endures through any circumstance.

Discovering Joy


Friend, my life has felt like a train wreck many times. In those moments I’ve wondered how God could possibly work all things together for good. I mean the really hard things like infidelity and abuse and broken relationships and family members in jail and church splits and terminal illness.

And if God could work through such ugliness of this world, who was I to doubt He could provide joy despite it all. All this wondering made me take a hard look at joy to discover what it is, its true source, and its overarching influence on my life.

Here’s what I’ve discovered:

Joy is a quiet place of inner delight. It stems from the satisfaction that God is doing something great, even when all of life feels like utter chaos. It’s an understanding that God is leading you and me to victory amid every heartache and disappointment, every celebration and glad happening.



Grabbing Hold of Unshakeable Joy 

Joy comes from nourishing our spirit until we have intimate, abiding connection with God. It grows through pursuing our purpose and understanding the unmeasurable value He places on our lives. It blossoms into the fruit of unshakeable joy, divine fruit of the spirit visible in every aspect of life.

My life’s passion has become to help others find joy, even amid a jumbled life. I long to share practical ways to grab hold of the joy of the Lord, and that joy is unshakeable, regardless of circumstance. I’ve ministered to women for more than twenty years and now serve the Lord through writing, speaking, and simply walking alongside those who need a little help finding the light switch when life seems dark.

Thank you for joining me here. I’m honored to serve. And as an ordinary Colorado girl who’s a wife, mom, “grammy,” and daughter, I love to celebrate every moment of witnessing the Lord’s work.



Personally speaking – I’m a proud law enforcement wife, married to Mike – the love of my life – for over 30 years. He is the retired sheriff in our county, and we live in the house my daddy built with his own hands when I was just two years old. One of my favorite things about being “home” is the enjoyment of breathtaking Rocky Mountain sunsets.

Mike and I raised 2 beautiful children who are now married with children of their own. We love each of them as our own. Our family has learned to weather trials together, to pour into each other, and to find a way to hold on to God’s joy through it all. We are truly blessed.

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