Advance Academy 

A business coaching membership for small business owners and entrepreneurs

See Your Business Grow

Increase Profits

Learn Repeatable Frameworks

Let’s face it. Trying to keep a business afloat while navigating a pandemic feels overwhelming. With our constantly changing culture, you need a steadfast plan that you know will work.

Gain peace of mind and save hours of frustration by working with a coach to lead you through an established system.

Who is this business coaching membership for?


Small business start-ups


Established brands


Entrepreneurs and Solo-Preneurs


Writers / Speakers / Communicators


Ministry Professionals


Network Marketing Leaders & Teams








Service Providers


Anyone who wants to GROW THEIR BUSINESS!

You’ve invested in your craft.
Now it’s time to invest in your brand.

I’ll coach you through business-building principles that will generate revenue and equip you to lead a more successful business using proven frameworks developed by Donald Miller, author of Building a StoryBrand, and founder of Business Made Simple University.

Whether you’re a start-up operation or a long-time business owner, you’re in the right place if… 


It feels uncomfortable to share what you do with others


You can't get over the hump in your business growth


You feel stuck when sharing your vision


Marketing feels like an experiment and it's not working


You find it hard to balance ministry values with business principles


It's frustrating trying to figure out what to do next


You're tired of searching the Internet for answers

Come grow your business with a trusted coach who will lead you through proven, repeatable frameworks. 

Here’s how we do it:

Invest in your business

For just $75 per month for your group coaching membership, you’ll earn your investment back in no time!

Learn and implement

We’ll walk step by step through best practices. You’ll feel confident on the right path.

Watch your business thrive

Imagine the feeling of business success. Together we can make it happen.

I’m Cathy McIntosh—a corporate professional turned entrepreneur who’s learned a lot of things the long, hard way. Everything changed when I applied the same principles that I’ll help you master. Customer engagement went up, sales saw measurable increase, and I knew how to talk about my business to a much larger audience.


As a StoryBrand Certified Guide and a Business Made Simple Certified Coach, I’ve helped lots (and lots) of businesses just like yours propel forward—even amid the uncertainties of our current culture. I look forward to helping you, too.

What does the Advance Academy Membership Include?

Your $75 monthly investment provides:


Two group coaching sessions per month beginning January 2021

You’re a busy professional. We’ll go at a pace that will bring results but won’t feel overwhelming. Attend the sessions live on Zoom or catch the replay in our member library.


One private coaching sessions each month starting December 2020

If you need some individualized support, I’m here for you. A private 30-minute session is available each month. Just for you.


Two "office hour" sessions each month

I’ll keep a standing Zoom appointment twice a month. You can pop in to ask questions, get help with a project, or receive peer feedback. 


A 1-year Subscription to Business Made Simple University

You’ll receive access to a goldmine of online courses in Business Made Simple University. The first annual subscription of $275 is included in your membership! 


A locked-in rate only for founding members

And as a Founding Member your price of $75 per month is locked in for life. (If you cancel for any reason, you’ll have to re-join at the current published price).

This offer is only for founding members and is available for a very limited time.

What will we cover?

Group coaching begins the 2nd week of January 2021. In the first year, you’ll become proficient at:


Integrating a Memorable and Exciting Mission Statement


A mission statement and guiding principles will give you focus and direction in your life and work. You’ll gain confidence that the work you’re putting in is achieving your mission and making the world a better place.


Clear Messaging


People do not buy the best products and services. They buy those that are communicated the clearest. When your message is clear, your business will grow. And once you have your messaging in place, you’ll start to save time and make more money.


Marketing that Works


In this section, you’ll develop a sales funnel that takes the guesswork out of your marketing efforts and delivers a measurable return. It will build relationship with your customers and on-ramp you to your products and services. The sales funnel will consist of these 5 components:

  • A “one-liner” that will help you and your team share what you do without feeling salesy
  • Streamlining your website so it converts browsers to buyers
  • A Lead Generator that builds trust with potential customers and shows how you can solve the problem they experience
  • A nurture email sequence that will build relationship with your clients and help them stay connected to you brand so when they’re ready to make a purchase, they think of you.
  • A sales email sequence that guides your customer through the commitment phase of the relationship and prompts them to make a purchase. A well-executed sales campaign will grow your revenue and profit.


Communication that’s Engaging


When you follow a simple communication framework and repeat your talking points over and over, you’ll be understood, interesting, and inspire change. This module will impact your:

  • Team Communication
  • Presentations
  • Video Messaging
  • Social Media
  • Emails
  • Press Releases
  • Virtually all of your communication

How Healthy Is Your Business?

Take the Business MRI, a 15-minute assessment to determine the fitness level of your business. 

Still not sure? Let’s talk.

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