Are You A Crabby Christian?

I had to ask myself the question because the Lord’s conviction fired a direct hit to my heart.

Mind you, conviction from the Lord (revealing how I have missed the mark in His eyes) is much different from condemnation (expressing His disapproval). The Bible says there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus (Romans 8:1, NIV, emphasis mine).

In His mercy, the Lord doesn’t disapprove of me – His child who is washed in the blood of Christ. Instead, He reveals my mistakes with a purpose to continue my sanctification in Him.

I long for sanctification. I yearn to be more like Christ in my actions and attitudes. Therefore, a bit of introspection was in order as I pondered. “Am I a crabby Christian?”

Here’s what the Lord showed me:

  • We’re quick to judge and slow to listen.
  • We issue a verdict before gathering evidence.
  • We criticize without first trying to understand.
  • We believe we know a situation without feeling compelled to investigate.
  • In Christ, we have great hope, but choose to keep it to ourselves.

Do you see it too?

In all fairness, it’s not easy to hold fast to our convictions while simultaneously loving neighbors as ourselves. It feels impossible at times.

How do we balance our call to love the lost without embracing their sin?

How can we shine for Jesus when we feel that the darkness has consumed our light?

To see the reminders He’s used, encouraging me to shine His light to a hurting world, hop on over to The Family Roadmap and read my post: Are You A Crabby Christian?

I pray that what the Lord revealed to me will also encourage you. May it keep His love for others as a focus in our own lives.

Read the post here. And thanks for visiting The Family Roadmap!

Be strengthened today, by His Word,



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