Jesus is the Light of the World

Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord shines over you.
Isaiah 60:1

Jesus, You are the light of the world. When we follow You, we never walk in darkness. You give the light of life.

You are a perfect gift from God – the Father of lights – in whom there is no variation or shadow – only the purest light, brighter than the sun.

Your love radiates Your light. We bask in it and You lavish it upon Your children. Jesus, help us embrace the light of Your love and pour it out to those around us.


Lord, You reveal the glory of the Father. The weightiness of His presence is made known through You. When we know You, we know the Father. When You gave Your life, You paid for our sins and reconciled us to Him, our holy God. Once. Forever.

Peace and hope are Yours – through the blood You shed, You made a way for peace on earth as it is in heaven. Savior. Your light brings the hope of salvation and eternal life with You.

Savior, You are the Word made flesh. Through Your Word, we know the truth. It is a light to our feet. It illuminates our path so we can have the joy of walking in accordance with Your ways.

You want to be known. We will find you when we search for you with all our hearts. Light pierces the darkness and proclaims itself. Those who look for it will not only find but feel drawn to Your light.

You came, my Lord, born in a manger. You are God, made man – to reveal, to illuminate, to manifest the truth, the love, the peace, hope and joy of our glorious King in heaven.

Thank you for reaching down to us so that Your light could shine among Your people.

Shine, Jesus, Shine. Fill this land with the Father’s glory.


As you pause to focus your heart on Jesus this season, consider creating your own devotion of praise. Perhaps you’ll write it down, or maybe you’ll simply declare or sing out your praise to Him as you drive to your next appointment. In whatever form you praise our Lord, He will be pleased and honored – and you’re sure to find blessing as well.

May you bask in His light and receive ALL that He has for you.








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