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This a self-paced e-course that provides help and inspiration to those who struggle to find time to do what the Lord places on their hearts. I’m outrageously excited to offer this FREE course to you! Why?

Because I believe the Lord has placed a call on each of our lives.

He has a specific, Kingdom assignment for you and for me with great blessings that await us in obedience. However, when I recently surveyed several groups of women, I learned that the biggest obstacle that they face in fulfilling their calling is not resources nor knowledge. No.

The number one obstacle they face is TIME.

In other words, they feel they’ve identified their calling and have most of what they need to do the work. But they can’t find a way to squeeze it into their schedule.

  • They feel that life is coming at them like water from a fire hose and it’s nearly impossible to manage.
  • They feel that what they value most sometimes falls through the cracks.
  • But they deeply desire to respond to the Lord’s call. 

Do you feel this way too? Then this course is designed just for you. I hope you’ll join lots of others who experience the same struggles. Believe me, I’m learning right alongside you. Creating this course taught me a lot and I continue to put it all into practice.


What you’ll receive with this FREE E-Course:

Three Sessions that each contains:

  • a video lesson (that’s between 10 and 20 minutes long)
  • a concise Bible study that emphasizes the Scriptural context of the session (it should take about 30 minutes to complete)
  • Downloadable worksheets with hands-on exercises to help you move from concept to action (take your time with these – the concepts that you implement can last a lifetime)
  • Recommended resources that you’ll see below

Have I mentioned that this is a FREE E-Course? I believe so strongly that we can all make the most of our time and serve God without hesitation, that I want this material in the hands of everyone I meet. And everyone you meet. So share away – but please invite each of your guests sign-up for their own material. It’s copyrighted after all.

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Make the Most of the Time” course blessed my life in three major ways.  First, I was made aware of how important it is to prioritize according to God’s plan.  Next, I was shown that “I don’t have time” is a dishonest statement.  I was given the tools that showed me how to give sufficient time to all areas of my life.  And finally, I better understand why I’m motivated to carry out God’s purpose for me.  It’s exciting to know how I can “Make the Most of MY Time”.  Thank you, Cathy, for putting together this very effective course.


This course is life changing. It taught me not only how to prioritize but helped me understand why I should. I feel more equipped than ever to serve God, knowing He called me to do His work.


Wow. I never knew how effective prioritization, planning, and perseverance were in any aspect of what’s important. I learned to manage my schedule to make room for Bible study carve out time to exercise. “I don’t have time” is no longer an excuse. It’s true – we make time for the things that matter most. Thank you, Cathy, for helping me solidify my priorities and put them into action.


This course is fantastic! I couldn’t wait to open each session and get to work!


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