10 Compelling Reasons Your Small Business May Need a Business Coach

Let’s face it. Most entrepreneurs didn’t start a business to do ALL THE THINGS, like branding, customer service, financials, negotiations, and marketing. They started a business to help customers with a problem. But doing all the things is just what a business owner has to do. I’ll wager you’ve done a ton of work perfecting your product and getting really good at your craft. But when it comes to adopting solid business principles, maybe you feel woefully insecure. If you’re feeling the strain, you may need a business coach. 


Some of the questions I often hear are 


“I’m already so busy, how can I find the time for coaching?” 


“Is small business coaching worth the money?”


“How much do business coaches cost per hour?” 


“Is it necessary to commit to a business coach long-term?”


I have to admit, I used to wonder these things, too. Here’s what I’ve discovered: With the help of a business coach, you will adopt solid strategies and frameworks that will help grow your business. When you invest in an hourly or monthly rate and implement what you learn, your business should see a healthy return within several months.

An Investment That Pays For Itself


Business coaching will reap rewards to offset any sacrifice you make to engage. I have clients who have hired me for or four or five sessions, and I have a mentor who worked with a business coach for more than 20 years. Whether it’s long or short term, coaching is an investment that will pay for itself.  


Can you envision how it would feel to operate your business with confident strategic planning instead of always researching the Internet for what you need in the midst of a crisis?  


Good coaches have an execution plan. Just like the playbook for a football team, experienced coaches will share proven frameworks that you can adapt to make your business run more profitably and efficiently.    


Every business reaches a crossroads. At that moment you’ll know that without substantial changes, you’re going to keep getting the same, disappointing results. Our entire world—and the way we need to operate our businesses—has shifted. If you want to stay ahead of the game, you’ll benefit when you request help from a coach with a plan. 


Below are several ways that your business can benefit from a business coach:


10 Compelling Reasons Why Your Small Business Should Hire a Business Coach:  


As a Business Made Simple Certified coach, these are just some of the ways I help small businesses every day:


  •  Help you recognize your blind spots

Every business has them—routines that are so ingrained, you don’t even think about them anymore. You do things because you’ve always done them that way and they feel comfortable. But the truth is, those things you do by rote can actually harm customer relations or worse yet, drive customers away. Sometimes your blind spots pertain to organization and systems. Other times it is your style of execution. Regardless, a coach can help you see things about your business that you’re too close to spot.


Business coaches may recommend that you change a few simple things to improve your flow. Examples range from how your store your passwords to how you fill client orders, or how you guide customers to success. Even small changes can help make a big, overall impact.

Increase productivity

Living in reaction mode is stressful. Without a vision and plan for your future, you don’t have a clear path to follow. And where there’s no path, there’s no progress. A Business Coach can help you carve out time to define your dreams and ambitions for the business, then plot a path to get there. With frameworks that focus on the most important strategies, a Business coach will help you increase your productivity to achieve more in less time.


  • Support you as you cast a vision

When they reach certain milestones, business owners often believe they’ve hit their stride and “arrived” at the destination of success. A Business Coach can help you step back and analyze your progress, then help you chart a course for scaleable services that help more people and achieve higher revenue—all while working smarter, not harder. Inviting someone from outside your company will provide a fresh perspective and the creativity to think bigger.


  • Equip you to communicate a clear mission

Every one of us longs to be part of a mission that is bigger than ourselves. It’s built into the way we were created. We have an inner hunger to be part of a team and walk shoulder to shoulder toward a common goal. With a clear mission for your company, you can attract (and retain) top talent and loyal customers, then unite them around a common purpose. You’ll find that you’ll waste less energy, time, and resources by uniting around a goal. A Business Coach can help you get there.


  • Give you a competitive edge

People don’t buy the best products and services, they buy those that they can most easily understand. A clear business message will help you stand out in a crowded market and give you a competitive edge. Business coaches can help you show customers that your products and services will make their life better. They’ll help you communicate that message in a way that is easy to understand, then customers will listen and become eager to buy from you.  


  • Improve your marketing strategy

A large part of your marketing strategy will be crafting a clear message that your customers can easily understand. Another crucial component involves delivering that message to the marketplace. An effective marketing strategy will help you earn the trust of new and potential customers, and communicate with them often.  With a strong marketing framework, you’ll be able to consistently convey what you do and why it matters. Your Business Coach will give you feedback and encouragement to make sure your marketing platform comes together. 


  • Provide strategy when you want a change

If you go to bed at night and wake up each morning with a sense of dread about your business, you know it’s time for a change. While running a company isn’t always fun, it should always bring a sense of purpose and offer rewarding challenges. But when it becomes drudgery, a Business Coach can help you evaluate and revise your course of action so you can achieve goals while attaining work/life balance.  


  • Move your business forward more quickly

Every business is different, but each has common components that determine its success or failure. When you know and understand the foundational elements of a business, you and your team will be able to make sound decisions that will keep your business healthy and propel it forward. Believe it or not, some entrepreneurs who have been in business for decades do not understand the foundational elements that will help a business thrive or decline. A Business Coach will help you analyze the core of your operation so that you can move forward quickly. 


  • Grow (not just sustain) your business 

In this season of our culture, many businesses have been in survival mode, hoping they can find a way to stay open. I get it. But with the help of business coaches, many have found ways to grow, even through uncertain times and challenging economies.  By improving systems, developing an executable plan, and prioritizing the most important activities, your business can re-discover growth. It’s time to think big again and take intentional steps to help more people and generate higher income. 

  • Provide partnership and accountability

So often, an entrepreneur feels utterly alone in the business environment. When they become owners of a company, they are responsible for every sales decision, the details of each program, and determining the best course of action—alone. I believe every entrepreneur needs a business coach to come alongside and offer partnership and accountability. By taking a “better together” approach, entrepreneurs will no longer need to strive toward success in a vacuum. They’ll heave the business support they need to grow the company and achieve the dreams they want. 


Why a Coach is a Good Idea for Your Small Business


I know you want to help others with your business and believe in your product’s ability to do it. Sometimes we all need support, a structured way to move forward, and execution tools to find success. Your products and services deserve the investment.  


You could keep searching google for trending answers, living in reaction mode, and feeling as if you’re constantly dealing with a crisis, or you could put intentional structure in place. A business growth coach is a good idea for any business that wants to scale its business growth with sound, repeatable methods.  


Do I Need a Business Coach Near Me? 


No. With today’s technology, it’s easy to work with coaches from anywhere in the world!  Either an individual or group coaching program would prove a sound small business investment. Individual programs focus on your specific needs and can conform to your scheduling needs, while with group programs, you also benefit from peer feedback and networking opportunities.  


Running a business is not for wimps. I feel your pain and have coached more than a hundred individuals, businesses, and government agencies through solid, repeatable frameworks.  As a Business Made Simple Certified Coach and a StoryBrand Certified Guide, I have adopted frameworks from some of the best business minds and am prepared to help you do the same. 


It’s easy to get started with a business coach:

Schedule a Discovery Call

Getting to know one another through a call or video chat is the best way to ensure principles align and we’re a good fit for each other. 


Make the Investment in Yourself

It often seems that business owners are willing to invest in many things, but pause when it comes to investing in their own development. A business coach will be one of the best investments you make.   


Watch Your Business Grow

There’s almost nothing that feels better than dispelling the doubt that you have what it takes. When your business grows and you see success unfolding before your eyes, you know that every sacrifice of time and money you’ve made was worth it. 


So, schedule a discovery call today. It’s a free way to have a casual conversation and learn if coaching is right for you. As a Business Coach, I try to get to know a client during the discovery call and answer questions that are most pertinent to you. I’ll give you an overview of the programs that are available and give you my promise that you’ll never feel pressured.  


If you’re ready to see better results, you may need better systems. Investing in yourself as you grow and develop your business is a sound investment that will pay off for years (and possibly generations) to come. Think of the blessing a successful business can be to your family, especially when you adopt practices that allow you to balance your work and family life in healthy ways. 


With the help of a business coach, you can adopt solid strategies and frameworks that will help grow your business. It’s an investment that will pay for itself. 


Schedule a Discovery Call 


Instead of wondering if you’re moving on the right path, make sure you are.  Stop reacting to every crisis and allowing it to pull your focus away from your customers. With the help of a business coach, discover and adopt a proactive plan and watch your business soar!





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