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Writers and ministry leaders often face a common problem: They pour themselves into their writing projects then too few people see what they’ve written.

Online marketing is a critical component of growing an audience.  In this FREE GUIDE you’ll discover simple ways to ignite your online marketing in order to

  • strengthen your writing brand
  • expand your ministry and touch more lives
  • lead people to the life transformation they desire

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stop feeling overlooked online.

ignite your online marketing

Many writers once felt they could skip an online platform. But today, a strong online presence has become mandatory. The important question becomes this: 


How many more lives could you enrich with the hope of God if people could find and connect with you online?

Imagine how it could feel to know you’re touching more lives and making a difference for eternity. After all, that’s the reason you were called to write.

Online marketing can put you in touch with the right readers who need your message. But it often feels like an unending challenge. It shouldn’t be so hard to connect with an audience.

The Online Marketing Roadmap can help and it’s available now for free.

You’ve invested heavily in your craft, but your audience remains smaller than you’d like.  It makes you feel invisible and that’s frustrating.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

This Free Guide Will Help You


Evaluate Your Current Online Marketing


Clarify Your Message So Readers Engage


Grow Your Audience to Share Your Message with More People


Stop Feeling Overlooked Online

About the author

Hi, I’m Cathy McIntosh and I understand feeling invisible when an online audience doesn’t engage.

As a writer and business owner, I know we all need help learning to simplify marketing messages so they compel audiences to engage.

Through all I’ve learned over the years, I’m driven to help fellow writers grow their following, reach a wider audience, and earn the loyalty of readers. I love to help them increase their income to expand their ministry and help more people.

As a Business Made Simple Certified Coach, I’m obsessed with helping writers master sound business principles, create marketing that works, and generate a more robust income stream. Then they can give more generously and share Kingdom principles that transform lives.

I’m committed to helping you learn proven marketing and business principles so you can stop feeling overlooked online. 


Learn simple, repeatable frameworks to

grow your ministry!

“How do I become a successful online marketer?”

It’s a question many writers ask. This free guide will help you ignite your online marketing with powerful, compelling content this week!

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Cathy McIntosh
Business Made Simple Certified Coach

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