A Prayer Devotional for Marriage

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31 Specific Prayers for Your Marriage

A prayer devotional by author and Bible teacher, Cathy McIntosh


A Prayer Devotional for Marriage

Marriages are facing trials and challenges like never before. Some wonder whether any marriage can survive. The answer to that question is yes. Marriages can not only survive but thrive.

To celebrate over 3 decades of marriage, author Cathy McIntosh offers 31 Specific Prayers for Your Marriage, a prayer devotional for marriage. In it, she shares her passion and encouragement to pray fervently for marriage relationships.

Cathy reflects on a season when her marriage nearly crumbled. The Lord prompted both she and her husband, independently, to pray. The results that followed were nothing short of miraculous. Looking back over more than 30 years, Cathy is humbled and grateful that their marriage has not only survived but has thrived. She attributes the victory to God and to fervent prayer.

Each of the 31 daily marriage devotions provides a Bible passage or two to focus on God’s truth, a specific prayer based on the Scriptures, and a simple step of faith to encourage tangible action in your journey of prayer. This prayer devotional for marriage is sure to bless your relationship through:

  • a refreshed closeness to the Lord
  • developing a strong practice of prayer
  • softening your heart toward your spouse
  • strengthening your marriage relationship


Use it as a daily devotional, as a guide for daily prayers for couples, or take your time and savor the experience by pouring yourself into the prayer and suggested steps of faith.

What Readers Say About 31 Specific Prayers for Your Marriage

“The devotional, with its combination of insight and direction, filled me with hope and moved me to action. I would recommend it to anyone struggling in their marriage or in need of marital refreshment.”  ~ Manyesha Batist

Format:  e-book, pdf format
39 pages

3 reviews for A Prayer Devotional for Marriage

  1. Jacqueline B. Marrs

    I can’t think of an area that is under greater attack than marriage and family. Our society, with its “everything is disposable” attitude has taken on a very different view of marriage than God has. As Christians in the world today, it can be nearly impossible to focus on the fact that not only is marriage sacred and ordained by God, but also that it’s worth working at and fighting for. I was so thankful to get my hands on this daily marriage devotional, and let me say, sometimes just downloading an ebook or opening the cover of a new book to try to take in some more information into my brain seems like a chore. Another item on the “to-do” list. When I did though, I knew from Day 1 that this book was right up my alley. A scripture, a short prayer, and a practical application for that day. Boom. Done. There were no excuses. It’s an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand, easy-to-focus on little nugget for the day. I found myself looking forward to it each day, and genuinely wanting to pray for and love on my spouse more as I took in God’s Word and His Truth about different areas, like forgiveness, sacrifice, unity and even romance! It’s helpful to keep a journal as you go, and look back from time to time. You will feel strengthened, encouraged, and challenged as you sow good seeds in your relationship. This prayer devotional is a daily, high-powered multivitamin for your marriage. And what married person in this day and age doesn’t need that?

  2. Manyesha Batist

    I am really enjoying this prayer devotional. Every day offers worthwhile wisdom and focus. The format is simple and inviting, offering an experience that is short and sweet, yet powerful. Thank you for the opportunity to test it. The devotional, with its combination of insight and direction, filled me with hope and moved me to action. I would recommend it to anyone struggling in their marriage or in need of marital refreshment.

  3. Jess D. (verified owner)

    I absolutely loved this prayer devotional! Having the little reminders and putting the applications into action was a perfect way to set the tone for my day. It really challenged me to connect with God and strengthen my relationship with Him for the good of my marriage. I am one of the most stubborn people I know and having this daily message was so helpful to me. It really softened my heart when I needed it. It helped me to remember that when we are struggling, we are NOT each others enemies. We are on the same team – it’s us against the enemy. Even the simple reminders like sending a sweet text, spending even just a few minutes of interrupted time together, stepping back and really appreciating my spouse – all of these can go such a long way. It doesn’t matter what stage your marriage is in, you will gain something from this book. It is something that you will want to go back to again and again.

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