Victorious: Finding Triumph When Hope Seems Lost


This in-depth Bible Study on the book of Esther is perfect for group or individual use. You’ll find inspiration and hope as you learn to recognize God’s subtle fingerprints as readily as his mighty miracles. He is actively moving in your situation with his perfect love and care.


Do you long for victory?

When you can’t see God’s activity in your situation, you might begin to feel hopeless. You’re tempted to doubt his care and involvement in your life because he seems so . . . absent. Victory feels elusive as if God intends it for everyone but you.

But God is never absent. He is as involved in your life today as he was when he protected Queen Esther and the entire Jewish nation from annihilation, and he will bring victory.

In Victorious, this 11-session Bible study of the life of Queen Esther, you’ll discover:

  • God is actively moving in every situation, including yours.
  • His protection of his children is unwavering and constant.
  • God’s subtle fingerprints are as powerful as his indisputable miracles.
  • The love and care of Christ are real and personal.
  • You are victorious!

Format:  Softcover
142 pages

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