Seeing God at Work Through His People

My life is jumbled.

That’s not a bad thing – in fact, much of what causes the jumble is very good. It just creates a lot of twists and turns that prevent me from functioning in a rhythmic routine. I’ve learned that’s how I best like to function.

It seems that when my routine gets off-kilter and stays so for any length of time, my level of joy often suffers. But I’m learning a few things.

Since God is sovereign, my circumstances are under His purview. Each event that takes place, whether planned or unplanned, predictable or completely surprising, is under His authority and rule. Knowing this helps me trust that He’ll work all things together for my good. Even the most stressful situations are preparing me for something. They’re somehow included in His plan for my life, even if I can’t recognize how.

As part of my on-going faith walk, I’m learning that I can embrace the joy of the Lord no matter how crazy—or jumbled—life becomes. One of the key factors for success is watching for the Lord to move in unexpected ways through my circumstances. I’m developing a habit of acknowledging “God-sightings” or ways of seeing the Lord at work.

Over the next several blog posts, I’ll share some of those God-sightings with you. My hope is that they’ll inspire you to begin acknowledging similar activity in your own life and embracing the joy that He delivers. Sharing will also fuel my own joy and help me embrace it during the many jumbled weeks that follow.

As I mentioned, I function best in rhythms and routines and the next five months promise unpredictable adventures. My aim is to fix my eyes firmly on God, walk in His magnificent presence, and embrace the joy that only He can deliver.

Thanks for joining me on this journey and helping to hold me accountable. Your partnership will help me reach my goal of grabbing a firm hold on every blessing He desires to give. I want to embrace each one, and I appreciate you more than you know.

Seeing God at Work

Mike and I received a warm, embracing gift from the Lord yesterday. It was a powerful God-sighting to be sure. I’d love to share the story of how it came to be:

In January, our local Sheriff’s Office lost a deputy to gunfire in the line of duty. He was the second of three line of duty law enforcement deaths that occurred in our state over several weeks. Our law enforcement community was devastated.

As our agencies and all of our families grieved the gut-wrenching losses, my husband, Mike (who serves as our county’s Sheriff) reached out to area churches and asked that they hold our law enforcement community in prayer.  The response was powerful.

Both churches and individuals responded with great love and care. They let us know of their commitment to pray and a near immediate level of peace pervaded the nearly 600 people in our agency. The loss held us in a state of body-numbing grief, but a feeling of calm somehow settled our hearts. Some recognized it as from the Lord. Others, I believe, simply sensed a way to keep taking the next step and moving toward the next right thing.

Six months have passed and several churches continue to pray. One particular church meets in front of the Sheriff’s Office headquarters to pray every Monday morning. That same group gathers outside the city’s Police Department each Friday morning to pray. They petition for our officers, first responders, their families, marriages, and other needs that come to their attention. It’s an unbelievable blessing.

Yesterday, they specifically invited Mike and me to join them. I expected that we’d meet with the pastor and His wife for a small gathering. As per the norm, I was running a couple of minutes behind schedule and when I arrived at headquarters, I took the very last parking space. There was a large group of people standing near the flag poles of the building. If you know me, you know that tears started immediately. I was overwhelmed.

An Army of Believers

Surrounded by people of prayer —no, let me rephrase that. Being surrounded by an army of believers dressed in spiritual armor, doing battle on behalf of my husband, me, my family, and the beloved people who serve as first responders in our community was deeply moving. They prayed for us by name. They spoke the words of my heart and lifted burdens from our shoulders to help us carry them a little farther.

Seeing God at Work Through His People

Through these dedicated warriors, the Lord showed us, tangibly, that we’re not alone. He’s right beside us, working in and through His people. I saw the Lord yesterday in the smiles and caring eyes of His intercessors. It was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever witnessed.

God’s Whisper

I’ll tell you I’m in a difficult place these days—a blogger with few words. My heart still hurts, but at the same time, I am overjoyed at blessings that await. God promised this would be a year of overflow and He has delivered on that promise, to a point that’s overwhelming. My head is swimming and—to share with you openly—I’ve had no idea what to write. Emotions feel nearly too deep to express.

As I stood among that circle yesterday, I felt the Lord whisper, “Write about this. Share how you discover me over the next few weeks. I’m here. I’m not leaving. Write about the ways you see me.”

And so this is part one. I pray the Lord blesses you in and through this mini-series. I can’t say where He’ll take us, but I’m grateful you’re here with me. Will you also share your God-sightings? I don’t often ask for comments, but I would most certainly love to hear how you’re seeing God at work in your own life.

Many blessings,

Cathy McIntosh



Seeing God at Work




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  1. marla

    Cathy, your courage and willingness to keep pressing on to joy is inspiring! May the Lord continue to lead and guide you on His path!


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