Seek God’s Love, Unhindered

When you seek God’s love and presence, what tends to get in the way?

Is it your task list? Your past mistakes and associated shame? This morning’s disagreement with your husband? Anxiety and fear? A focus on failure?

If you’re like me, there is often an onslaught of distracting “mind noise” when I sit and try to be still before the Lord. My quiet time rarely feels quiet at all, making it difficult sense God’s love and seek His presence in which I find the fullness of joy.

I’m learning, though. Learning to seek God, unhindered. In this post, I’ll share a few prompts for meditation that help me remove the some of the obstacles I encounter when I draw near to Him.

Receiving God’s Love, Unhindered

I came away from coffee with a friend inspired by the knowledge that, before the Lord, I can cast off every title I’ve given myself. Throughout my life, I’ve adopted several self-imposed labels (titles) that I wear daily. Many have become so ingrained, I wear them without thinking.

Some of the titles pertain to my roles and performance. Such as:

Mom          Wife         Daughter          Writer          Coach

Friend         Sister         Mentor             Teacher          Mentee          Learner

In Law          Student          Caregiver          Grandma          Speaker

These titles are lovely and portray roles I enjoy filling, however, I must remember that they do not define who I am.

God’s love isn’t available because of what we do for Him, but because His very nature is love. He gives it freely, unhindered. Therefore, it’s not what I accomplish that defines me, but who I am in Him.

Some are ugly labels I’ve placed on myself:

Overweight          Negative          Disordered          Crabby          Limited

Unappreciated          Inadequate          Unable          Tested           Critical

While some hold occasional truth, others do not. Yet my tendency is to wear them as if I were branded by them. I am not.  I must remember that these labels do not define who I am.

Still others titles are positive, confidence-building statements of faith:

Gifted         Ordered          Joyous          Intelligent

Funny          Loving          Encouraging        Hopeful

Supportive          Talented         Content          Helpful

As much as I’d like to resemble these statements, they do not define who I am.

When I sit with the Lord, I ask for His help in releasing each of these titles, whether positive or negative, to Him. I cast them off knowing that He does not see me as anything I’ve described.

He simply sees me as His child.

With the titles and labels removed and placed at the foot of the cross, I seek His presence as only Cathy, meditating on the one title He has assigned. I am His child. I ask, as recorded in Romans 8:16, that His spirit touches my spirit and helps me recognize my true identity as a child of God.

As His child, I am loved without measure. Without the distraction of self-imposed labels, I can seek God’s love, unhindered.




God's love, unhindered





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