The Day My Joy Almost Slipped Away

“You need to go home and take a NAP!”

Okay, my friend wasn’t quite that blunt, but she did stress a need for rest. We sat together in a coffee shop, each working away on our laptop computers. “Are you taking days off?” she asked. My answer was a murmured, “No.”

My mind shouted, “Who has time for a day off?! Do you know how much STUFF I have to do right now?”

But my body leaned in to hear the wisdom she so generously offered.

Her next questions came as she sipped her beverage. “Are you asking the Lord to prioritize your tasks? Do you seek Him so that you know what to do each day?”

Those things used to be a habit for me, but in the last few weeks, it felt as if I’d stepped on a fast-moving treadmill the moment I got out of bed.

No. I hadn’t asked the Lord. No. I wasn’t seeking His priorities. Yes. I was feeling the strain.

And that’s why I was starting to feel my joy slip away.

The Lifeline

It’s often that friend—the one who can look you straight in the eye and say the truthful words you need to hear—that provides the lifeline out of the pit. That’s the kind of support and encouragement my honest friend offered to me that day.

And my hope in this post is to offer the same lifeline to you.

I understand what you’re facing:

  • I know the kids are home for the summer.
  • I’ve experienced how laundry supernaturally multiplies 100-fold when the kiddos seem to wear nothing but bathing suits.
  • I get how you thought summer would feel slow and easy but instead, it’s fast and furious.
  • I’m familiar with the sinking feeling that a holiday can leave, knowing that five days of work must be crammed into four.

If We Were Face to Face

If I were sitting across a table from you, I’d look you in the eye and ask you the same probing questions my friend asked me:

Are you taking time to rest?

Are you seeking the Lord?

Are you letting Him order your steps?

Because, honestly, He’s the only one who can. God is the one who fills our cup and sets our minds at peace. It’s in His presence where we find the fullness of joy. It’s our choice to pursue that joy or forsake it.

I’m grateful my friend reminded me to grab hold of all He offers.

The next day, I felt different. My friend spoke life into my spirit. I did go home and take a nap. I did slow down long enough to seek the Lord and I asked for His serenity to flood my heart and mind. As only God can, He responded. I’m happy to report that I’ve recaptured my familiar habit of pursuing Him.

And though my joy almost slipped that day, He helped me catch it just before it did.

You, my friend, can do the same. Seek the Lord and His joy. Today. He’s right here waiting to help.


Cathy McIntosh






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