War Room Prayers for Marriage

Marriages are facing trials and challenges like never before. The enemy of our souls continues to rise up and attack our homes and families. Some wonder if war room prayers for marriage—lifting your relationship before God in the most vulnerable and intimate way—can help a marriage survive. The answer to that question is a resounding yes. Marriages can survive. What’s more, they can thrive and flourish. Prayer is a key that unlocks doors of hope and possibility.  

When troubled and in crisis, prayer for marriage—specifically Scriptural prayer—can break through barriers that you never dreamed. We don’t always know what to pray when we feel broken and healing looks impossible.

How can I pray for my marriage?

To celebrate over 3 decades of marriage, I wrote 31 Specific Prayers for Your Marriage.  It’s a prayer devotional specifically for marriage and it will help you pray daily. The tools and insights add power to your prayers by relying on the Word of God. When a marriage feels broken, we often don’t know how to form the words to pray. This devotional will fuel your prayers and give you tools to pray fervently and effectively for your relationship.

The eBook is available to download now!


Our Miraculous Victory —through Prayers for Marriage

You might wonder if a marriage can survive infidelity. Or if any marriage can withstand the loss of a child. Such tragedies feel nearly impossible to navigate.

During a season when my own marriage nearly crumbled, the Lord prompted both my husband and me—independently—to pray. We were separated, lying in beds literally miles apart from one another. That’s when the Holy Spirit prompted each of us to pray. Sure, we’d asked God for a few things here and there, but we had no idea how to begin praying fervently, baring our souls before God. But He led us through and the more we prayed, the more comfortable it became.

The results of those prayers were nothing short of miraculous. We’ve now had more than 30 years together, and I am both humbled and grateful that our marriage did more than survive. It thrived. All glory goes to God for the victory and I believe He used fervent prayer as a weapon of warfare.

Inside the eBook, each of the 31 daily marriage devotions provides a Bible passage or two to focus on God’s truth, a specific prayer based on the Scriptures, and a simple step of faith to encourage tangible action in your journey of prayer. By engaging with this prayer devotional, your marriage and relationships will see blessings. We know from experience these prayers will strengthen your marriage through:

  • a refreshed closeness to the Lord
  • developing a strong practice of prayer
  • softening your heart toward your spouse

Use it as a daily devotional, shared prayer time for couples, or take your time and savor the experience by pouring yourself into the prayer and suggested steps of faith. 31 Specific Prayers for Your Marriage is available now with immediate download.

Prayer Devotional for Marriage





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