When God Seems Absent: 3 Unexpected Lessons from Queen Vashti

Have you ever made a simple decision that impacted a huge part of your life? A decision that had consequences far beyond what you ever imagined?

Queen Vashti did.

The Bible records Vashti in one of the worst seasons of her life, which echoes powerful lessons for us today. From the queen’s perspective, God may have seemed absent but a close look at Scripture will prove otherwise.

When God Seems Absent – Learning Through Our Difficulties

Vashti surely didn’t foresee her banishment from the palace (See Esther 1). Her life suddenly jumbled and it must have seemed as if God was absent, yet the Lord used Vashti’s circumstance in miraculous ways. It impacted generations of people.

On days when the unexpected happens in our own lives, we can trust that God is up to something mighty. He is active and involved in every situation and will work out each detail for our good and His glory.

As we personally face awful events, we learn that we can trust in God’s plan. We all encounter things like a loved one’s cancer, poor decisions by our kids (and ourselves too), broken relationships, and financial stress among many others. Gazing back on Vashti’s example helps us cling to Romans 8:28. It says, “We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God: those who are called according to His purpose” (HCSB). God has proven this verse to us time and time again.

Vashti’s story is filled with drama and intrigue. You won’t want to miss the entire post that you can read here.   I’m guest posting on Angel Penn’s Blog, Experiencing His Freedom, today and I hope you’ll drop by and visit! Read the entire post, 3 Lessons from Queen Vashti to Remember When God Seems Absent by following this link. 

Read the Vashti Post Here

Through the story of Queen Vashti, I’m confident you’ll find encouragement and hope, even when God feels absent.

May God’s Word Strengthen You Today –




When God Seems Absent

When God Seems Absent



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