When Unforgiveness Lingers

“I’ve tried so hard to forgive her, but I can’t forget what’s happened.”

“If I forgive him, it’s like saying I’m okay with what happened—and I’m not!”

“I just can’t trust her, so I guess I can never truly forgive her.”

Have your thoughts regularly taken you to these misconceptions?

I struggled for years as I tried to forgive someone who had harmed my children. When unforgiveness lingers, the burden feels nearly unbearable. God’s commands and instruction seem impossible to carry out because we believe things about forgiveness that are simply untrue.

Most of us want to forgive others, unload the weighty burden, untangle the mess in our hearts and embrace the Lord’s blessing. But we’ve adopted some misconceptions about forgiveness. We’ve allowed the world’s perception about forgiveness to taint our view of what it really is.

We all have a lot to forgive, don’t we? We’ve been hurt, embarrassed, and treated inappropriately. At the same time, we’ve hurt others and sometimes struggle to forgive ourselves.

Discovering the Truth

If you desire to abide in God’s freedom and victory that accompanies it but feel hindered by lingering unforgiveness in your life, you’ll want to come and discover several myths about forgiveness. By realizing how God views forgiveness and how He equips us to walk with Him through the process, we can begin to embrace the goodness and divine purposes He has for our lives.

Today I’ve written a post for my friend, Kelly R. Baker and hope that you’ll stop by as I shine some light on lies the enemy uses to keep us in bondage. He deceives us into believing they’re true, but the Lord shows us the truth in His Word and through His example.

Come along, my friend, and take a step toward freedom in Walking With God to Untangle the Mess of Forgiveness. I look forward to meeting you there!

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Cathy McIntosh



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When Unforgiveness Lingers





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  1. Stephanie Smith

    Great thorough discussion of forgiveness! So clarifying. I agree, it is, ultimately, a decision. Sometimes it’s a super hard decision and I’ve seen the Lord work at softening my heart enough to do so.


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