How to Write an About Page That’s Guaranteed to Engage Your Audience

It’s a question I hear often. As I introduce brands to the idea of bringing the power of story into their professional marketing strategy, it often brings a moment of confusion. Small business owners who want to transition their message from self-focused to customer-centric often ask, “How do I write an about page that engages my audience?” 


There’s some tension and even a bit of mystery around the idea of focusing on your customer while writing copy about your company. So it’s a fair question. 


The powerful truth is—writing content that focuses on your customer, will increase conversions and result in higher sales. Your about us page is no exception. 



As You Write an About Page, Show The Problem You Solve


A visitor comes to your business website for help with a problem, hoping your product or service can help them win the day. When you make your brand the hero of the story in your business messaging, you are inadvertently driving them away. But when you can write copy that shows visitors how your products can transform their lives, they will pay attention. Over time, they will become loyal, raving fans of your professional brand.


Imagine what would happen if you began to write your message to show customers you care about them and their success? How would a visitor react if they realized that you wanted to help them become the hero of their own story? When you make all of your business messaging about your customer—including your about us page—you’ve made huge progress in an effective marketing strategy.  


Shouldn’t Our Company Page Focus on Us?


Believe it or not, the about us page of your business website should not be entirely about your professional brand. Instead, it’s an opportunity to strengthen your writing show how your company will serve as a helpful guide. Your about page can convey your ability—and your passion—to help a client find the success of their dreams. An effective marketing strategy for your business should include writing content as an engaging story that conveys your empathy and credibility. It will show the confidence you have in your products and services. Remember, insecure people talk about themselves; confident people focus on others. And it shows. 


Obviously, the about us page is the perfect place to tell your story, how you’ve walked in the shoes of your client, and how you overcame adversity to achieve success. Tell the concise story that equips you to help them find success of their own. By conveying your empathy and authority, you’ll help a new client trust you as a helpful guide.


Why Play the Guide When You Write an About Page?

Every customer wants to be the hero in their own story. But in every good story, the hero needs support from a helper in order to succeed. They need a guide to give encouragement, critical tools, and wisdom so they can win the day. Marty McFly needed Doc. Simba needed Rafiki. Even Iron Man needed Pepper Potts. 


In the movies, we rarely get to see the back story of the guide. For example, we know very little about Yoda, the guide Luke Skywalker relies upon to become a Jedi Warrior. In The Hunger Games, Haymitch guides Katness to success in the arena, yet we don’t learn his backstory until the second movie. Even then, we discover very little about him. 


As you guide your customers to success, use your about page as an opportunity to give a few highlights of your backstory. As your story unfolds, it should emphasize how you are best equipped to help your customer, and it should always remain client-focused. If you position yourself as a hero, your customers will lose interest. But when you show them how heroic they can become themselves, they will actively engage with your brand.


Tell Your Story—Not Your History—on Your Web Page


Believe me, I understand the tension. As a Story Brand Certified Guide, I work with clients every day who want to tell too much of their history on their about page or even worse on their home page. The truth is they’re proud of the history of their company—as they should be. The story of a brand’s history—how much work their grandfather did to start the company or how two best friends took a risk right out of college—puts a brand into the role of hero.  


It’s not that the sentimental story should never be told, but it is best reserved for informal conversations that come much later in the customer journey. As you work to attract new customers to your business, playing the guide of the story you tell will help potential customers start to know, like, and trust you. They will listen and engage with your brand and buy your products when they know that you genuinely care about their success.  


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A 3-Step Template to Writing A Compelling About Page and Examples


There is a simple, formulaic way to write your about page in a way that stays customer-centric. The words you choose will send a clear message to your customer about your experience and understanding of the problem that they face. Use the following prompts as a template to write your company’s about us page:


1.) Start With The Problem Your Target Customer Faces 


As with all messaging, readers are drawn in when you start with a problem as you write. In movies, there really is no story until a problem surfaces. A movie or a television show about an easy life with no conflict is not interesting. When writing copy for web pages, starting with a problem that our customers can identify with will quickly capture their attention.   


When you start to write your about page, immediately address the problem that your target customer faces. Explain that you understand what they’re going through, what it is they want, the obstacles that are in their way, and how you can help them work toward success.


2.) Write to Show You Understand How They Feel 


The next part of the marketing template for an about us page is to show empathy. Many brands are becoming more vocal about helping customers solve a problem. But you can take the marketing strategy even deeper and help your company message stand out in a noisy marketplace. That’s what an interesting story will do.


How? By identifying with how your target customer feels if they face the problem. When you identify with their pain points, show you know their internal struggle, and have experienced the emotions of encountering this problem, the doors to trust will open.  A customer inwardly says, “She really knows what I’m going through, and I trust her to help me out.”


3.) Write Your Story (Not Your Business History) and Why You’re So Passionate About Helping


Once You have shown potential customers that you know what they’re facing and how they feel, and even that you know what injustices they’re battling, that is the time to begin to share an overview of your story. Keep it concise—write in a way that is as easy to read and scannable as possible. Paint the picture of your personal experiences that brought you to this point. Explain why you are so driven to help others. Then detail how your work with other customers has delivered success and transformation.


To give you some examples of compelling about us pages, I’ll share my own and a couple of others I love:


Why You Should Write an Update for the About Your Company Page


Most businesses focus their energy and attention on the website’s home page and sales pages. However, the about us page is generally the second most visited page on your website. People do want to know about the company they’re doing business with, and you can score a home run when you write your about us message carefully. 


So take the time to write an update to your about page. Even if you only write small changes and start making your about us page more customer than company-focused, you can see results. Imagine hearing potential customers say, “I feel like you really get me” or “I knew right away that you could help me with my problem.”  It makes all the effort worth it when you earn the trust needed to move your target customers to action and guide them into the transformation they seek. 


Remember, the message on your website will help your customers keep your brand top of mind. Your website copy is a great place to focus on your customer and demonstrate how much you care. When you craft a strong message for your brand and invite your customers into a story about their own success, it will increase your website engagement and result in higher sales. It’s a simple (but not always easy) thing that goes a very long way.


Share Your Progress!

As you start to write and update your about us page I would love to see your finished work! Please share it with me in the comments or through email


Rather than positioning yourself as a hero and telling your history on your about us page, use this valuable real estate on your website to show your customers that you care and are well equipped to help them overcome a problem they face. Paint the picture of their transformation and help them see how good their life can be when they follow the plan you provide.


It’s not your history your customers want to hear it’s your story. And they will engage with you more quickly when you show them you’re on their side and have a plan to help. Give them a reason to trust you with their business. All of this can be done as you write the copy for you about us page. 








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