Go from Unsure to Unstoppable!

I’m a business growth coach and marketing consultant with proven frameworks to help you launch, scale, & grow your brand.







Trying to Grow Your Brand Shouldn’t Feel Like a Mystery!

It’s no fun to guess. 

Imagine the feeling of having a proven plan for your next steps.



Communicate with customers and make them excited to buy


Share what you do in a clear, comfortable way


Develop confidence in proven, repeatable business strategies


Lead with a message that helps visitors want to join your mission


Take your brand further, faster

Help is Within Reach with a Business Growth Coach

When you first embraced your big dream of a business or ministry, you knew you could make a difference. You could actually envision the faces of all the people you could help.


But things didn’t go quite as you’d hoped. I get it.


You committed a ton of time learning your craft to serve with excellence. But the business side of things didn’t come easily. Promoting your work and inviting people to follow felt painfully difficult. 


Stress and worry seeped in, along with a bit of imposter syndrome.


You started to wonder if you have what it takes. 



I’m here to help you feel confident and put your mind at ease.


I want you to know you’re not alone.


I’m a certified coach and I’ve helped dozens of businesses and ministries learn proven systems—secrets, if you will—to help reach more people.


I can help you too. 


You can build a stronger online following and reach more people with the awesomeness you provide, just as you’ve always dreamed.


It’s easy to get started.


1.  Invest in Yourself

2.  Put New Skills to Work

3.  Enjoy Your Success

Find the system that’s right for you:

Clients Who Are Reaching Their Dreams With a Business Growth Coach

This business growth coaching program has been instrumental for me and my ministry. It has given me a clear message and I am more confident that this message will reach my desired audience. The program has provided accountability for me during an extremely busy season of life and kept me moving forward. Cathy has prayed over me, encouraged me, and challenged me to think bigger. Her support and guidance has been a huge blessing, and I can’t wait to continue on with the program.
Shawna Sullivan

Writer / Blogger, ShawnaSullivan.com

Cathy and the business growth coaching program offered an interesting and very effective way of taking my complicated message and giving it clarity, so that I can move forward with peace and finally a solid plan.
Wendy Wallace

Ministry Leader / Blogger, One Exceptional Life

Author & National Speaker
Featured in
The Joyful Life Magazine

StoryBrand Certified Guide
Business Made Simple Certified Coach
Hope*Writers Certified Coach

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