Embracing Joy in a

Jumbled Life

I invite you to come and join me!

Embracing Joy in a Jumbled Life

I invite you to come and join me!

Hello! I’m Cathy.

Joy was something I once believed the Lord gave to other people, but I couldn’t attain myself. I researched joy, read about it, prayed for it, but found it elusive and hard to grasp. Just when I believed I’d grabbed on to it, it felt as if my joy would slip through my fingers. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t fully embrace it.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Most of us, as women, wear a lot of hats and I’m no different. My hats include that of Christian Speaker, Author, Blogger, and Faith Coach. My heart is to help women embrace the joy of the Lord, even amid jumbled lives.

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There are countless—and urgent—reasons to pray for your husband. Over the last 5 posts, we’ve touched on a small selection of those reasons. Among many other benefits, prayer for your husband: softens your heart toward him builds him up gives him precedence...

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Strengthening Intimacy with Your Husband

I don’t believe there’s any person in the world who knows my husband as I do. There are many who are close to him, several who spend hours each day with him in a work environment. Family members adore him as much as me, but each shares different types of relationship...

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Give Your Husband Precedence

When we look back, it’s easy to see where we went wrong. Years ago when Mike and I nearly lost our marriage, each of us were so wrapped up in advancing our own careers that we neglected one of our most important gifts: each other.   At the time, we couldn’t see...

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