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Grab Hold of Unshakeable Joy!

I write and speak to inspire women
to embrace the fullness of God’s joy.

Even when life feels jumbled.

As God’s women, we’re encouraged to live joyful lives. But when circumstances get challenging our joy seems to slip away in an instant.

Chronic joylessness can sour relationships, professional life, and even our health.

You were created for more.

I can help you grasp it.

This ministry inspires women in 3 distinct areas.

Together we’ll take steps to . . .

Nourish Your Spirit


Practice joy daily by engaging in simple activities that calm and nourish your spirit, like prayer, meditation, and more! New to this? Don’t worry. I’ll walk with you step by step.

Pursue Your Calling


Let go of fear, shame, confusion, and worry to grab hold of the purpose and calling that God has placed on your life. I’ll help you discover that calling and embrace it with confidence.

Embrace Unshakeable Joy

By trusting God and surrendering to His mighty plan, you’ll discover true, inner contentment. The more you nourish your spirit and pursue your calling, the more you can embrace unshakeable joy!

Embrace God’s gift of joy!

Don’t let this be a gift you never open.
Here’s how we can work together:

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