Grab Hold of Unshakeable Faith!

I’m Cathy McIntosh—
a writer and speaker helping women
embrace the fullness of God’s joy
(even when life feels jumbled).

Receive God's Love

Respond to God's Goodness

Rest in God's Promises

As God’s women, we’re encouraged to live joyful lives. But when circumstances get challenging our joy seems to slip away in an instant.

Chronic joylessness can sour relationships, professional life, and even our health.

You were created for more.

Come, draw close to God so you can grasp it!

This ministry inspires women in 3 distinct areas.

Together we’ll take steps to . . .

Receive God’s Love 


It’s not always easy to receive the gifts God has for you. Practice daily by engaging in simple activities that calm and nourish your spirit, like prayer, meditation, and more! New to this? Don’t worry. I’ll walk with you step by step.

Respond to God’s Goodness 


The closer you draw to God and begin to sense the connection with Him, the more you’ll respond to His ways and His Word. You’ll begin to experience Him in new ways and His goodness will add depth and meaning to your life.


Receive God’s Promises

Connecting to God will impact your life in significant ways. You’ll begin to let go of fear, shame, confusion, and worry. You’ll begin to grab hold of the purpose and calling He places on your life. 

Embrace God’s gift of joy!

Don’t let this be a gift you never open.
Here’s how we can work together:

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