Lavished in God’s abundant favor

As His children, that’s just what we are.
Together, let’s learn to embrace it!

I’m Cathy McIntosh and my vision is twofold:

Online Courses

It’s hard to experience growth when you don’t know where to begin. My online courses will take you step-by-step so you’ll gain confidence and sure footing for your journey.

Group Coaching

Alone is rarely a good way to travel. Through group coaching you’ll find greater encouragement and motivation. That way you can stay the course and see better progress. 

Words of Hope

As a devotional writer, author, blogger, and speaker, it blesses my heart to share words of hope. Come find encouragement and inspiration.  

God’s Word encourages us to live joyfully. But when circumstances get challenging our joy seems to slip away in an instant. We lose sight of God’s abundant favor on our lives.

It can sour relationships, businesses, careers, and even our health.

You’re in just the right place

√ if you sometimes feel distant from God

√ if you feel stuck in your prayer life

√ if you feel there should be more to this life of faith

√ if you don’t quite know how to explain what you do as a Christian writer

√ if you want to help others but don’t know how to reach a wider audience

You were created for more.

Come, draw close to God and embrace all He has for you!

Just let me know where you’d like to start:

To embrace God’s abundant favor, we’ll take steps to . . .

Receive God’s Love 


It’s not always easy to receive the gifts God has for you. Practice daily by engaging in simple activities that calm and nourish your spirit, like prayer, meditation, and more! New to this? Don’t worry. I’ll walk with you step by step.

Before long you’ll realize that you sense a deeper connection with God and can suddenly sense His favor—for you personally. He adores you, friend, and He longs for you to know it!

Respond to God’s Goodness 


Responding to God’s goodness starts with drawing near to Him and sensing His connection. Then we can allow His glory to shine through us. In every area of life—family, friendships, health, and business.

It will even transform our Christian brands and the way we market, sharing His hope to a wider audience.  I’ll help you live out your faith and respond to God’s goodness through courses and coaching. 

Receive God’s Promises

Connecting to God will impact your life in significant ways. You’ll begin to grab hold of the purpose and calling He places on your life as you release fear, shame, confusion, and worry.

I look forward to celebrating with you as you discover God’s abundant favor. It will transform your outlook and fuel your hope—in your life, family, and career!

Believe in possibilities. God makes all things possible!


I promise I won’t spam!

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