Fierce Faith Arising

Empowering an abiding relationship with Jesus Christ.

Grow Your Faith

Growing your faith is easier alongside friends.

You want to grow your faith until it’s unshakeable, even through difficult seasons.

But daily distractions are endlessThey steal the focus you desire to give God and sometimes make you feel that you’re missing out on all He has for you.

I understand completely.

Stop feeling as if you’re missing out.

If you feel like there should be more to this life of faith—as if you’re missing out on the fullness of God—this membership is for you.  

In about 20 minutes per day and a monthly fee of just $9, your membership can have a transformational impact. The Biblical training, encouragement, and accountability will help you get back to that exciting relationship you had when you started following God, or discover His nearness for the first time.

How to Build Your Faith in God

First, don’t go it alone. Developing strong spiritual habits that grow your faith is easier alongside like-minded friends. We can all find greater success when we work together.

Within the community atmosphere of membership, you’ll find Biblical encouragement, friendship, and accountability to help you press on and connect with Jesus in deeper and more meaningful ways.

The one who walks with the wise will become wise,
but a companion of fools will suffer harm. (Proverbs 13:20, CSB).


How You Can Grow Your Faith With Your Membership

Fierce Faith Arising is a membership for Christians with the aim of developing a more intimate relationship with Jesus.

While God is always accessible to us (Hebrews 13:5 says He will never leave nor forsake us), we can take intentional steps to deepen our connection with Him. Together we’ll work on growing a faith that lasts by developing and strengthening habits.

Faith Exercises:

  • Scripture reading
  • prayer
  • meditation
  • worship
  • serving
  • silence
  • fasting
  • and others

Faith Attitudes:

  • forgiveness
  • confession
  • stewardship
  • continued learning
  • and more

This membership is created just for you. If you’re longing to grow your faith, you’ll find group connection both inspiring and motivational.

Develop confidence in discerning God’s leading

Learn how and when to encourage others 

Hold onto joy when life is difficult

Remain steadfast, focused, and hopeful

Feel the assurance of a connection with God

Respectfully witness to loved ones

Navigate confusion

Filter everything in life through God’s Word

Cement the truth of your identity in Christ deep into your heart


By joining the membership, you’ll receive ongoing encouragement, training, and inspiration through

  • video teaching 
  • inspiration through personal stories and testimonies
  • the opportunity for questions in a live forum 
  • encouragement to overcome personal struggles and snags 
  • community discussions in a private Facebook group
  • ongoing prayer coverage
  • group coaching 

    All of this and more is included in your monthly membership and there’s no long term commitment. You are free to cancel your membership at any time, but I’m confident you’ll see such encouragement in your spiritual journey you’ll want to stay!


    Here’s what members are saying!

    This group will help you grow your faith and have resources for you to do that.

    Vicky, Mount Airy Maryland

    So much good stuff. I just completed watching 3 videos and taking copious notes. I’m inspired … There were things in there that I had not considered or encountered before. Awesome!

    Jacqueline, Brighton Colorado

    I find the content thought-provoking, inspirational, and motivational. It sticks with me, the timing of each session gives me time to ponder and help me realign my my priority. 

    Tia, Laramie Wyoming

    Why the Fierce Faith Arising membership is perfect for you

    • You want more and want to go deeper, but the busyness of life doesn’t make it easy to carve out time for God. This membership will provide practical tools, helpful inspiration, and gentle encouragement to pursue Him.
    • You’ll partner with me and others from across the nation as we embark together.
    • All training and instruction is steeped in Scripture. You’ll know immediately that each step is honoring to God.

    What is required of members?

    There are no requirements, outside of keeping your membership in good financial standing. It’s critical to understand that the more you take part, the deeper your spiritual journey will be.  The membership is geared toward busy schedules and we recommend that you spend 20-30 minutes per day developing new or stronger spiritual habits. 

    What if I can’t attend live training?

    The entire membership is built for working at your own pace. If you can’t attend something live, you can catch the recording at a time that works better for you.

    Do I have to be on Facebook?

    No. The membership is Facebook based, but if you’re not active on social media, you’ll also receive a weekly recap via email. It will include all of the pertinent links and content so you can view it at your convenience.

    Who is leading the membership?

    Cathy McIntosh will lead the membership and facilitate activities/discussions. She is a Bible teacher with a heart to disciple others. Cathy has a wealth of Bible training and leadership experience. She’s authored several books, speaks nationally, and has led groups of women from around the world.
    You can discover more about Cathy here. 

    Can my spouse join with me?

    Yes! There are two ways to do this. Your husband or wife can peer over your shoulder as you participate. That can be fun, but it’s not ideal. Or, they can purchase a separate membership to have full, independent access to all of the modules. My husband is already a member and may take the lead on some of our teaching segments!

    What if the membership isn’t for me?

    No worries there! You may cancel at any time and I’ll stop all future membership payments. Simply let me know or cancel through your Paypal account. Easy peasy, although I’d sure hate to see you go!

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